Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Five Steps to restoring Constitutional Government

The experienced politicians can talk all they want about being constitutional conservatives. But until they are willing to accept that we need a plan to restore our country to a constitutional republic that abides by the constitution as it is written, we will only be getting more of the same old lip service. They will say whatever it takes to get them into office and then it is the constitution be damned.
My five step plan is straight forward and is achievable with the right people in Washington.

1) No bill is to exceed 10 pages.
2) All bills are to have the constitutional article attached giving the bill its authority.
3) All content of the bill must pertain to the title of the bill.
4) All bills are to written in laymen's terms and posted on line for seven days before being introduced on the floor.
5) Any bill requiring expenditures must be accompanied with: total costs of bill, who the beneficiaries are, how the bill will be funded, who will pay bill and a sunset date.

Join the CONSTITUTION SOLUTION and pass the plan around. It is time we get serious about preserving America for future generations.

God Has Blessed America
Richard Lynch

Updates coming soon.

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